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Section Siasatan

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of deceit and Truth Ahhhh….. did someone wanted to come out with this?….. after all those piles of documents and real been present? In hope that; all those been swept away just like that and once again you! – have the advantage?? Well, here the thing is (in this series, especially): Death will come to those who LIEd… and I’m in Relaxing Favorite; waiting. What about you??

What’s the point live a lie all the time, like you! Ask for Death to come sooner, if you really dare! (you scoundrel. I have lost patience long time ago but Hail to GOD; whose Mercy exceed all others!) | Scoundrel: always think of the easy way out with #0 supporting evident. (They wanted us to hear all the utter nonsense came out from their filthy mouth and forced to be taken true; like usual, akin to their in-bred nature.) Moreover; I’m getting tired of this. (It’s like; I’m focusing on something useful – work, skills, happiness, etc. suddenly you all bug my head with all the deceit plan)

=== Section News ===

Intro: investigative section to further ado the details [regarding case involved]. Clues and Informant – Strictly Private, Protected. | In connection with the Series: Secrecy! → Season 3rd.

Needed Explain: some people who are ‘obsessed’ with self-guilt might think – I’m up to something… revenge or payback. Truth is; the main objective is about achieving the Business progress and Financial support, stabilized. If I were to focus on the ‘obsessed’ bunch; seriously – I will Never, Ever be able to prepare even this one page! Have it ready for launch; read publicly. This is a very simple theoretical logic.

Could you build a nice, clean and beautiful garden – while your mind are stuck piled with rubbish…? So there you have it.

=== Creeping Death Moment ===

Conclusion #1: Why did the old crone telling news about his M colleague sickness in hospital – is Nature Cause? Why is he suddenly have to issue such statement? Matching element: at the time Pic. 1 of his M colleague start to appear at adrs fb in Secrecy, Special | the Darkest Day.

[Don’t worry. I’m kind of agree to that. Everybody have to face nature cause, someday… if not sooner, later… (cigarette is torched. matches!) More to come… but right now, my Top priority is to answer; nature call.]

Conclusion #2: Why did the old crone again; concern with the missing $Billions? … Accusing of someone who didn’t even have a tiny brain to do such big…? I think; that money… our money; is for a ‘special’ handout. Say; swooping in some suckers to help some sort of a ill agenda… all just to protect himself (and cronies, if he’s not that greedy) or something: for bad…. ahhhh… those good money… Ours. (What??! Missing??!! THAT BIG?!)

This is Not a Conclusion #: (Hmmmm. Should have announced / declared this long time ago… if not for that damn rejected term made earlier…..) That aman guy….. – heard to have upset-ed the Queen of Saba’. Well, at least he’s the quickest to act…. fleeing like rats. (They’ve said he’s now enduring grave ill. Well then; wish you luck – granted exactly what you’ve wished….. & dying for. Peace?….. not so. Don’t blame me.)

Next! (Who??! wa ri

Gossip #: ‘Dia ni kejam woi!’ What kejam? Blame me for nature cause?? (Crap. On which side family member have died, anyway?…..)

the Thing is #: warisan doesn’t have the Queen support anymore. Now, they are afraid of even a dying man… deported haplessly as a competitor… ha ha ha ha ha ha (fight. like rats. Whoever claims it, who cares…. take it. to grave.)

Never trust someone who dares to deceive a child, kids. Making them as subject for personal pursue. This: is the worst kind. That’s all to it.

Moreover; we are not talking about someone (age) in the 70 75 79 80 81 82 85 88 89 90….s! But more! (Hope will change? Insaf? Bullshit!!!)

Pssstttt….. Look at the TOP RIGHT slot in the pic. ‘Someone’ is watching… a sister Nrl from the other Realm. (May her soul rest in peace. The fact that I’m at ease, maybe she IS. Happy(?) – perhaps so; because knowing her ‘dear dead’ brader – walk the talk. For her, and for the rest of us. May God bless us all. Amen.)

Lion indicator. Told you so – the World is watching! If u want to continue shiok sendiri self-assume no one knew, nothing happens like usual your habits, who give a damn anyway.


The question is now: whether the suffering will be More or not. Legendary stays as it is. Less: No. The only different; the more you commit, the More added to it… burst to others; if over-committed: your blood line. Only. (Because there’s a God verses involved here…. your doing. Made it into Mockery. that’s why; for these: No Escape. Others want to join in? Be OUR Guest.)

=== additional ===

‘oiii. akawi   akawi   akawi….. Mah‘ti   mah’ti   mah’ti….. ha ha ha ha ha ha (nature cause nature cause nature cause)

(extra: oit? Tiba2 laju nampak; nak sembang serah br0m?)

Contoh / Example: Suffering. Click Here. (And this one not even close to par’Legendary. Because the case doesn’t involved matters / or to do anything in regards challenging a King. Especially, One that Designated.)

Pic. info the bad guys too frighten till they have to make everything Dissapear! – probably a desperate tactics to save own skin….. at the expense of others; like usual. To deny the fact the world is watching. And that our side, still; always lack of support – nothing!

Bundled Together: look, both are in the same package with 1: the ‘heaven under my foot’ popular (syurga di bawah tapak kaki: nonsense = refer library, adrs for more info on this) 2: is the woman who wants MORE and say she will fight for it. (Yes. She will get what she wants. After that; sure she’ll be en’quieten….. for good.)

Top of the Game – Top of the List

atok nurliza – no.1 apa?… otak pun takde. (listed permanent, Top 1. Reason: not worth it, 1 time too many challenging; sided with traitor, a female connected with ugly ‘man’ sir name; atok, etc)

nil nialopak…..(? nama naik… hah hah ha ha ha acah je. besok le padam. itupun kalau ingat. tk ingat, kira sekali jln lah – masuk package)

(Try tengok; mintak dekat follower berjuta tu selamatkan diri dari Azab Tuhan.)

Notes: in this Series: Secrecy! – to be added to Wrath and Suffering list are quick and fast. Once sticked in, stay. Unless there’s a very GOOD reason; not to. Since this series is not like other series; be warned not to volunteer #0. (wasting my time)

Final Say / Answeronly when stated. | Touch any ‘private property’ – and you’ll have your wish.