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⚠ ‘Sent Me to Heaven’ also same meaning as Sealed your Life: in Hell. Fast. Permanent.

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‘… and yet; this is Sunday. Those sob just can’t keep their mouth shut. Everyday. Always have something to rubbish about, still fantasize will look good and be accepted; hoping people will forgive and forget ALL their evil deed – and continue normally daily as did before; making fool and use other people expenses. Bullshit!’

[Firnena fb, reference: Musical With You & Pet Love.]

Secrecy! SpeciaL [canvas]

← The Song for the She who Venture into the no one Dares!

1 min 24/7

The Art of pMy — in Chamber persona’

Best Cat Win — Competition Gold

the cat king; ablang — again; emerge victorious!

Remembrance | Photo of ablang when kitten. you’re such a friend, Tom. [especial in section Queen’s Favorit’e]

‘I’m sorry, aedy… everybody.’

Distracted! [aedy]

‘… for being a jackass.’cigarette is torched; matches. [ardmad]
‘burden you every time; looking after this old man… – referring to self.

‘Once; I teach you everything. Now, I’m like a spoilt brat; needing you… taking care; everything

Listening [aedy]

‘… and just like a King; attitude – taken you, for granted.’puffing heavy

News & Message dept.

[Mmmm…. just as I thought.] → to be continued…


A message from abg ard, suddenly arrived [sister Mar’sura; remember what I’ve told you…]


Recorded Msg [‘… mana saya nak tau apa yg di tak puas hati sangat dkt saya? Pulak tu; support raja[2] mana yg dia dapat sgt tu?… sampai menang besar hari tu? … entahlah, runsing dibuatnya. Saya banyak kerja & hal lain nak settel. Alih2 kena sakit kepala pikir pasal ni!’] ← ?


News, outcast [… I tau, dapat rasa diaorang nak buat rancangan jahat menjatuhkan. Mcm kes si sultan melaka tu; dah berkurun berlalu, tiba2 siar balik kat tv, merata. Tuh nak bagi warning kat I le tu… Nak tunjuk buli diaorang; ni le akibatnya nanti…]

‘wOi melaka…
mau jual pingat ka?
Mula-mula memang laa…
Lama-lama… $berjuta
Dapat kat sapa?
Bukan melaka
Tapi lu sorang… ja.
Jangan mare ya…? ← ?
Nanti cepat tua…

Tua saja takpa…
Yg takutnya
Tua takda makna
apa ke bende pun takda….
(dlm kubur; merana….. seksa)’

ps: org melaka jgn terasa, ini nota dibuat ada sebab; mengapa. Take care, ya

Notes personal: jangan nak merapu lah I ni nak ada kena mengena dgn taktik buat duit cara murahan mcm tu. Idea nye tak habih2 asyik nak senang mengangkang je kerja… apa tk buat. [Muda2 dah kempunan nak jadi atok. sapa ndak…?? bad business.]

Apa dia?? Ndak jugak Terasa? Itu tandanya; BESAR Dosa… Ada apa2 rahsia?… ka? Mengaku ja la… ya?

‘Ya Tuhanku, kudungkanlah jari pembuat fitnah terhadapku. Lindungilah; yg tidak bersalah. Amin.’

→ [This is a half-edited copy received. Please take note. Thank you.]


Letter incoming! | Anti-fake news pada mulanya dibuat konon nak kenakan gua; kot2 ada terlibat sebar palsu. Last2, tak ada….. (sebut dlm gaya: mock lu) semua lepas… lulus. (gua le). Sekarang, sob mintak dilupus – kena Reject. Tak jalan. Susah le sikit dia dan cohort nak tebar sebar sesuka hati. (Padan!) Elok kekalkan terus, biar ramai belajar tulis benda2 berfaedah, berkualiti. (bukan mcm sob. tipuan belaka. Skg; sendiri ngelabah… sb aktiviti melabun ada law utk sekat.)


Letter incoming! | I tell u aaa; that sob hide behind FAKE butt, and those fake butt hide behind his; take turn doing so. Why are they act like rats, mice and lice?? Because THEY ARE. I tell u straight: that girl ain’t commit suicide. They’ve Killed her! using Quranic verses as a sample mockery! … once I got my hands on all those fake satanic slut (sultans) sob and all their shit, you know what to think…. D (A REAL King never lick and cowards behind sob butt. Moreover; a sob who dirt with Quran!!!)

And: A TRUE KING NEVER deal with dirty Sob! TRAITORS! (They’ve got their hands on a sacred blood; noble … and they will pay for it. That; is not just some ordinary girl…descendant.)


from Chamber en’Quiten [Choosen_Package] | with a pinpoint [msg]:
→ Do.Not.Cross.Him.

Notes: work as usual, normal. Do what best and Right for the rakyat [no ‘jilat’]. If not, do it at your own risk. You have been specialized picked, if u dare to dump that; only GOD will punish at HIS Severest. [And u will LOSE ALL, in the end.] A Punishment one of a kind; specialized to those dare to play with his Gift. So; fear GOD, Allah. [Not scoundrels.]

Nobody tells u to do anything or sided with who. Since we understand your position and difficulties, and value your hardship [and self interest]. Just a reminder, see for yourself; the ‘Match’ [pic.] – both of you. [The ONE who able to do that, certainly CAN do MORE. And can give MORE. So heed. Thank you.]


[News | Sunday Stop By.]

Through the Never → Exit… & to be continued

A Lesson Learned

Purely jump into the Never without knowing what fate in store… except with knowledge for sure: it’s dangerous & Life risking! [By the way, if you are to jump-in expecting only the good and safe play, then for sure: no true lesson would ever comes!]

Please; don’t try this. Stay Safe.


Lesson #Start → The thing about Alexander the Great and King Dzal’Qornain. I can’t tell much; but seem all the Ahli Kitab [sky religion: Jewish, Christian and Islam] – are keen to make Him; theirs. With the Islamic left behind when His name suddenly, slowly, steadily morphed into sort of a ‘Alexander’ – including the styles in-values. The things is; they admire, even worshiped Him into making and changing his true nature into Self-Made. Final say: He is the King Dzal’qornain as portrayed and said in the Quranic verses; the One that encountered the Yakjud and Makjud. Let say; if the Alexander is truly the one that’ve been debated throughout history. If this is the case, the telling here can be put to accordance / transcript to own research. [Your belief is not required in these and I’m not in for any debates.]


Lesson #Ride → in these Season 3rd, things becoming more apparent & real for everybody to see. Too much time have been wasted in hope for the expected to materialized. As if all effort are taken for granted, lightly, joke. With such, the only real thing is: non-existence [disappointment to those who thrive for better days, improved life]. As for me – all I can say; for those who conscious enough; think and judge for yourselves. [Shorten: those who dislike, dislike. Those who like / support, we wish you all the best, in our heart.]

For those put help into act; always remember: we remember [your contribution]. And You are the one that will be granted specialties should the day of hope: Returns. For the time being, I can’t thank you much enough; but to pray God granted goodness; to you, and your family. Stay safe and be well.

[After all, we are in our last time of days]. Also, if you study the timeline, then you will know; this is something that not of desire and self-wanting, but of a something must do. It is not I who decide solely – the outcome; of things that should or not: be. Thank you.
Psssttt… hey; that ‘af’ thing, a good one. Don’t worry – U’ll be okay. Not to mention: the Boss is everywhere though [amused]

Lesson #More → just for the sake of Reminding [seems that about this already stated at the Library, adrs] – stay away from vids. that are unnecessary – those are not worth practical or bring good in real life, daily. [e.g; future foretold, involving angel matters with God, defiance or not in which; no one knows for sure and if do know; what there is to do?? Just be careful not to be dragged / terpengaruh into something that steer you away from humanity – ok? [ignore all those superstitious serious telling. Entertainment is okay, but not such.]

Lesson #Continued → They’ve asked you of Dzalqornain. ‘I will read it to you His story’ – Sura Al-Kahfi, translation 83 [Malay – translated here into English].

Mean; God knows about the historical debates involving the subject, and straight away to Named Him fast – to confirmed by that name, as to what stated in the Sura. [HE, God – does not want to proclaim him with other names, say; Alexander. Such saying / calling by false name, are in NO Nature of God. God – will only tells ‘true’.] Real Time Example: same like Ardmad Ersante… [nothing wrong; just for glamor to suit circumstances. No other reason + no problem telling actual name if asked.]

Malay version on this can be referred at Library, adrs – Click Here.


Lesson #End →

‘Lesson’ is about something from bad turn / to Good. So don’t take this [part] wrong. Article still in editing progress and will be updated soon. Be sure to return! [for more Entertainment_Real]