Detail | Trace back on the Ancient Master_Race & their Ar’yan King.

It is not complicated to understand. In fact; it’was easy (to comprehend); since it was stated according to history itself. Not of made up mockery (or rehashed), makeover; content – with personal favor to intend.While fact remains fact, but personal view (research) with the intention for a thorough study and translate; need not to be neglect.In some cases, it even needed; Requires! – so that the world will have better understanding and come out with their own (research and study); to comprehend. In the way to determined themselves; whether what present is of biased, cover up, or truth itself, hidden intentionally for common eyes..

It started in the 1946’s, with all the major party representing each race to formed a coalition, known as the Barisan Nasional. The event happens after the Japanese occupation subdued, marks the end of World War 2. By that time, the British are so intense with their inner problem, leading them to being open; to willingly accept any suggestion and plan for a ‘Merdeka’ state (independent) ← before taking their leave.

Info. | In this ‘peaceful manner’ ← or so to say; a win win situation, with all side accepting without so much hussle. Since they too (the resident remain); are in eager to have a country of their own: independently. With the British in a hurry to accept and taking this as the way out → put advantage so huge for the resident; adding more to their excitement.
The process are resolvement the British uses, implement to each their colonial state. As a solution before making departure; entirely. Which also mean; Busy. They will not have time for any serious conduct and inspection like they routinely did, and do; normally.

Came to this, also seen as a huge advantage → for those who bear fruit for sinister idea and opportunist alike. For them; this is the perfect time to launch their sleight of hand method; adding some ‘personal deal’ into the Agreement that will lead to the sealed Independent. A ‘closed deal’ must be ‘properly’ achieved; before all clause due to reach its finale; signed. Formally declared.

And the British goes away, for good… alongside their personal deal; duly signed; for good. As to be seen Legally – in the eyes of many.

Info. | My apologies (although not a necessity); to have to make you understand the true differences: between that the Fuehrer, and; the KingBloodline, Ancestry, Descendant. Play a major role in setting them Apart. Often the leader who leads them; determined the course of destiny. This aspect fall on all category: where decision making usually in the hands at the top brass. Fact (nothing weird). … Nothing dishonor here.

While the Fuehrer is keen on more becoming a Limited (for his countrymen; only, plus some area; surrounding), the King is more of a Universal (concept, thinking, view). Assurance: while his countrymen indeed be given the highest priority and privileges, certainly this of no issue stopping (or prevent) him specializing those at / in the Internationale.

And King: is known exist since birth of mankind. Fuehrer: is man-made. Uniquely created, category individualist.
Last and Foremost, King: is a word decreed by God. Designated. ← ?

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So; please do not take this as the finished version & without error. Thank you.

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