Firnena, Secret(s).

FirNeNa Secret
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What is Firnena’s (Beauty) Secret? If you haven’t yet noticed, there are certain individual whose appearance still struck (astonishingly) while in half-past their prime.

Also; Malaysia and Indonesia are two most vibrant countries that hold unique beautiness among its population. Although not consider as bright, but certainly men here are comparatively ‘bright’ in appearance as to those of others (country).

Welcome! to Firnena’s Beauty dept.

Previous version (classic) saw two most uniquely stunning woman ever to possess such beauty as to what Firnena’s Secret is all about. Although never did having thought or intention to; but here (in the regenerate version), we’ll select just One; to come out as the apparent Winner: thus symbolize the Beauty represent Firnena’s.

Version Classic could be found here, clicking

And there you have it.

An exceptional beauty, one of a kind that I doubt (for sure); nobody could beat. To (truly) understand these word, you have to understand the way Firnena’s Secret look at beauty.

(Please take notice: the picture presented did not go through any editing. It was meant for you to inspect, carefully studying.) More on this visit the version classic at

But time are not on our side… because here (in this version), we’ll direct our focus toward pursuing what really matter most: the objective. With that:

  1. ‘Do you want to know the Secret to this astonishing beauty?’
  2. … ‘to then perhaps; owns it?’

If so, Firnena’s here (at your service!):

  1. To ensure you get the Answer,
  2. and Result. Both.

Enclosed with the (supposedly known) Firnena’s Trademark: Realistically Achieving. (Not just read…)

Firnena: Beauty Secret that Dangerous!