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Severe acne are usually related to Sinus. If the acne arise caused by sinus germs, it can be categorized as the most stubborn acne of all! So, how can you eventually find the right solution to overcome this matters?

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A tutorial using Sinus Candle as Treatment - watch this!

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With an English version produced, Firnena's has widen its scope reaching more clients from variety of races. (Priority be to Malaysia - Malay, Chinese and Indian.) All this includes those who are from Sarawak and Sabah, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. Even there; Firnena has made it to gain some from Britain, Russia, US and even Brazil (down beneath the Amazon Rainforest - which I never thought of: will be!). This are based on Firnena's conscience trying hard to deliver the best towards realistic, and it does proven; when we have successfully gathered the trust from various races all around the world!


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Daily Incident:

An hour ago, while I was driving and have to stop for red lights, there are two young girls crossing the line in front of me. From afar, I've noticed that one of them were so beautiful. It's like a complete package from top to toe. But unfortunately; when she pass nearer, I've discovered that her face was so 'damaged' - chronic acne has taken over almost entirely. When she crosses, she gave me a very shy look and it means something. At that time in my heart, I felt so pity towards her...As if I wanted to open the door and step forward telling;

"It happens that I have the exact cure guaranteed to eliminate any severe skin problem one would have: using the most powerful method and remedies combined together! It's a lifetime opportunity for all chronic skin sufferer. Your days of shy is over when people watch your face or you having to watch them."

This is what have been playing my mind over and over again until finally I requested Firnena to post my expression of feelings here. (To light up the burden as if I'm sharing the suffering with her.) It was so sad to see what happens to her face. She's in miserable thought - clear enough for everybody to spot without taking any second glimpse. I don't even know her but I feel so very dissapointed if she never had the chance to know about the cure. If I happen to know her mailing address, absolutely; I will send her a postcard stated www.Firnena it is!

For those who think they were in that girl situation, take heed that Firnena's technique focus deeply to attack the acne and sinus from the inside. That what makes the treatment effective compared to others. Please take note this seriously: it is the most unfortunate and miserable event to waste your youth (young age) carrying such burden (of acne and blemish). Surely those disease will terminate your would and should have been opportunities. I have seen it and I've seen the worst. Trust me: you wouldn't want that - ever! So think about it. That's why until now I kept thinking - "what a fortunate relief if that girl knows about Firnena..."
- aedy firnena


Note: regarding the story above, that is why you should spread the word about Firnena's. Because maybe by chance; your action reached the girl. (Who knows? Nobody can predict life.) Or if not so; any others who shared the same sadness. (Fate? If it is; then that fate is about to change!) So please; be an open hearted and user friendly. (Bookmarked this page - the least you could do). Thanks.

A Walk to Remember

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Thanks, Firnena. I got my beauty back. Praise God I did.
- Watie

* result may vary depend on the individual conduct.

Cure Acne by focusing on eliminating the Sinus Nesting Ground (the root of all stubborn acne)

sinus cureFirnena Lab

After years of struggling and danzling, Firnena in it's lab eventually succeed in developing a 'formula' which comes in the form of liquid; resulting in termendous powerful effect to combat sinus that can cause horrendous acne. When put to use; capable of destroying the sinus lair and it's breed thus preventing any acne arisen in future.

I'm sure, this is the moment we've been waiting for. By all due respect; lots of antidote out there promising the same thing but what different here is that; the formula firnena come out with are based on traditional ingredients and method; which can save the hassle of worrying about side effects - which almost all checmical based product could leads to. It is important for you to know that antidote based on chemical could leads to side effect. And most of the time; not good. Let me give you an example: having tried 'illiadin merck' before? They are all over the pharmacy and is used to help breathing mechanism - smooth. You need to pour 1-2 tiny drops of its antidote inside the nose. After 2 - 3 minutes, the antidote takes effect and you can breath a little bit easy than before (if your nose get stucked-up, blocked.) Any extended membran (in most cases; the sinus) that cause the blockage; get 'shrunk' when hit by the antidote, thus; gives you relieve in breathing for at least an hour. Unfortunately, after those hours has passed, it will grow back. And worse; it will swell - making the blockage even worse than before! This are one of the side effect that cannot be denied and the antidote certainly will not help.

Seems that I know what I'm talking about and if you still having thought such as 'you got to earn to trust', then go ahead; try it yourself. The only reason it is still in the market because nobody can beat its fast-result process. If you happens to use the product, good news for you - you can toss it away. Firnena's technique will give you exactly the same fast-result (or even faster) by destroying and scraping away the extended membran, not shrunk it! Those un-needed membran will 'burst' and any stinking pus or slime which happens to be its content (yuck!), will flow coming out of your nose (and mouth). Although it is a disgusting sight; but seeing all those filth that resides in your body, destroying your skin healthiness, come out right between your own eyes - it is more than words can say. (Undoubtedly happiness.)

Firnena's Formula was produced using a right combination of trully safe material and ingredients. Further on; a carefully inspected health method to produce a technique suitable to help the formula achieve great result. And then; it become effective: capable to melt down the nesting ground which was strongly attached and stick all over the internal body beneath the skin. Take note that this what make it so special - the capabilities of 'scraping germs and mucus' in the safe way. No harm done. After the scarping process, it will cover the scraping part with antidote that can rejuvenated the skin. No chemical or drugs use can match this. If you insist (which you should when dealing with medicine); here are some more-in-depth explanatory regarding how the formula works:

sinus-herbalOnce the liquid hit the internal part of your body (which we will do it right using Firnena's Technique), it will scrape away those sinus mucus bit by bit...Later on, to be honest; if your sinus and acne are at chronic level, your body will throw away phlegm with a lot of quantity after 2-3 days practising. (Or even immediately - after 2-3 hours. Depends.) This yellow phlegm and concrete mucus are plague germs - the inhabitant to all kind of diseases. It's activity of blocking the organ veins and making blood circulation disturbed - not only will cause severe acne and sinus, but could also lead to other chronic disease such as cancer and diabetes. It will block all the internal airways around the globe of the body (in this case: face), making the body system choke out of air. It's like a river that carry all types of garbage. If the flow were blocked, plus with no air available - it will scattered aside, overflow to the opposite and then flooded to a place where it was supposed not to be. Flood that contains bacteria and germs that could be harmful. The only place suitable for them is the digest system. If they were not there, then you can be pretty sure that if they are in the healthy part, it will blindly build its nest healthily, to produce massive bacteria of destruction in due times. Your internal cycle could break and the immune system will damaged. If this happens; you will be vulnerable to all kind of disease plus an outside infection. And you only have one choice: to use Firnena's Technique to scrape and send them back to where it belongs. (But lets not reach this level only then you'll realize.)

Further Reading... (make sure your mind relaxed because reading medic article needs more concentration than norm.)

acne treatmentSo that's how the antidote work in helping the internal cycle process to maintain its density. Making sure at its best the nerve channels not being blocked and the passage to digestion runs smoothly. All the pimple's 'warzone' which are so fully packed will then be slowly reduced, refill with fresh air and be able to get the chance of having 'relieved breathing' - back to the way it was. When this phenomena successfully maintained periodically, the skin will then be able to begin its 'restructuring' process - repairing and producing new cells. Understand this: the skin part is like snails. When you touch its eye, it will shy away hiding beneath its shell. It will not come out until it's sure are safe to do so. Same goes to skin. If you don't do it right, chances of having the skin to play its part giving you a healthy, shining looking will not occur. Skin mechanism is one the most sensitive part of our body, especially in the face area. Using any other method of treatment; you may have those acne and pimples removed, but having skin repaired are nearly impossible to achieve if you fails to serve it needs doing the proper way.

For short: skin rejuvenated process is the last part in curing acne and sinus - and it will not occur if there 'is' mistake somewhere along the healing process. If you feel the skin starts to reconstruct, then you'll know everything is up-to-step; you're in the right way. Skin cells are so sensitive that it will simply be destroyed if the sinus germs are still there nearby, disturbing. Skin rejuvenated process is important to finally have your face acne free successfully.

Many people did not know how does acne, pimple suddenly appear and spread violently. Their only knowledge are based on 'fear action' - when pimples emerge, they have to find a product to prevent it, quickly; including make it simple by trying any available products spontaniously without any alert of precautions. I've seen worst case scenarios where a person from light pimples (that easily be cured) has turn into one of the most deadliest acne and sinus ever. Because the person didn't know what kind of products that can actually help curing it. Like what I've described; he eagerly tries every products there is, taking only a slight notice regarding whether it suits the condition of his skin type and the level of acne he got infected! His action are based on concern and influences from commercial that promises great result to ALL chronic acne sufferer. No, that is SO wrong! Curing acne needs careful inspection because we are jeapordizing our face skin structure - which is one of the most softest part the body could have. If damaged, it's hard to repair plus would leave an ugly scars all around. But due to worriness, sometimes we act beyond our concious. Remember: there are people out there; who take advantage from such situation to make profits. Back to our story; a lot of money has lost and his face got worsen. And only then he finally realize; with that severe acne and chronic sinus destroying his moment time to time; only one thing left CAN help, and that is Firnena's Technique of Destroying Acne and Sinus - in a powerful way ever...

Firnena's Formula will show NO mercy to any kind of acne and sinus in the world. Rough like sands, seeds like tiny stones, fill with pus, red alert, small and itchy, it will all be destroyed by focusing on its main nesting ground. No matter how hard you try, if the nest remains strong, those ugly acne and scars will never be eliminated. The nest will continously breeds and produce new germs to be sent to the surface and emerge as acne! That's why LOT of product fails because they FAIL to see things like what firnena's did. And if they do see it that way, they will never have the courage and confident to come out with an antidote or any other curing method because; they fear if they touch the nest; could lead to dangerous side effects towards any other internal organ that was not supposed to be involved. What and how to scrape the deadly nest meanwhile at the same time making sure it is safe not to hurt any other parts?

skin care treatment and cosmetics quote Firnena appreciate every client as much as possible and try hard to strive for the best, hoping for satisfactory. Nobody is perfect, but every day, here at Firnena's; we are working on towards improving our service to the most finest level ever.quote for acne skin

Firnena's Library

treatment for acne skinThis section were intentionally created for studies regarding pimples, acne and sinus. Facts that prove useful and important only. More info will be added from time to time.

  • Fact # 1: Bekam Treatment will only inhale (suck) dirty blood out. It's not even close to threatening or scraping the sinus mucus which was sculpted underneath the skin (flesh). I admit; immediately after bekam, you will feel healthy, relieved as if any sinus symptom you have - reduced a LOT. Indeed, this treatment were good for health (strongly advice to do just once a month, no more than that). But you still need something stronger that will 'stir away' the sinus nest. From now on; you should know that Bekam is only for keeping up to healthy. Not Sinus or Acne cure. To know more, refer this video to get an overview of how Bekam Treatment looks like: Click Here.

  • skin care treatmentbest acne treatmentbest sinus curecrystic acne curehow to cure mild acne Fact # 2: Skin Inflammation or known as 'Eczema', is a kind of symptom where blood had pressure difficulties or rather 'not stabilize'. Blood genetics play a big role in this matters (ancestors blood). Skin eczema will be active if the patient taking various kind of food which can 'triggers' the blood that was waiting to be 'suprised'. The blood suddenly wreak into havoc and disturb the body's flowing system seriously. Pimples cause by this symptoms are red and have 'growing activity' compared to normal one (it will calmed down if nothing triggers it). This symptoms are through related matters (parenthood); the disease already well occupied statued in the body. Like a bombshell that had waited to be blown up - when the patients keeps ignoring precautions and healthy way of taking meals. Be alert with the ways of the treatment too because; if there's a mistake, the blood pressure could rise up as if it was set on fire - to declare itself as Eczema. Dont worry - Firnena's Technique have its way to handle this.

  • Fact # 3: Eyes Disease - Categorized as one of the most difficult disease to cure because of its softness. In fact; it's the most fragile part of the body (organ). Major carefullness is needed to dealt with it because whatever mistakes or damages done, can cause injury easy enough to have an infection spread. Through Firnena Technique, you will witnesses how easy enough to handle this without harm. We will not touch the outer section. Instead; we will focus on cleansing the inner part - the eye root! Leaving the outer part as safe as it should be. Surely your eyes will be watery, grieve and smarting but that is the sign of how effective the germs been cleanse away. It will take some time until then, the next practice you will feel almost next to nothing. Again; this is the sign the root has been cleansed nicely (no more harmful germs that cause eye damage). After that, rub your eyes (gently or roughly); you feel the eye section has turned 'thick' - a very good signs of healthy eyes that was not easy to become watery, itchy and turn red. And if you practice the technique long enough, your vision will get clearer than before. Almost all problems related to eye comes from the root source. Taken care of that, then you have greater chance of having healthy eye all the time.

  • So why do you want to trouble yourself finding the hard way since there's an easy solution now just in front of you? What for?... So, act now by equipping yourself with Firnena's Technique to ensure you know exactly how to tackle dangerous and harmful things the safest way. Don't waste time and Get it NOW - Click here.

  • Fact # 4: Stone Acne (filled with pus or big red) -has nothing to do with eczema. The cause of stone acne because there's a lot of dirt lying underneath the skin. It's some sort of pouch filled with germs. And this pouch has one way root to the surface to emerge as acne. This kind of acne is one the most irritating and dangerous of all. The irrittation would entice the patient to scrub and scrape until its wrecked and spill out its content. The content then will infect other areas. The source (around the throat portion) are capable of storing stock of germs because it is the main pass between two important route - a place where foods (that we ate) come first, been chewed and then swallowed down all the way to the throat (after it was crumbled). Then it will make way through the heart area before finally reach its destination down to the stomach- the digesting system. The stone acne source have implemented 'a vein' that is connected to the digest system. If the digest system seems to have problem, the problem (which is the dirt and sickness) will easily be transfered through the veins up to the source. From there, again and again it will process more contents to form stone acne. (Got the picture?) Stone acne always comes in form of pus. This kind is the most disgusting (stinks) and closely related to diabetes (and will transformed to diabetes if no prevention been taken!). Two main role has been identified in 'waking up' this stone acne -

    i. Doing a rebonding hair technic without proper method, using help from non-expert, non-hair stylist practitioner, non-qualified or well-equipped saloon. The rebonding chemical ingredients is what cause it.

    ii.Taking vitamin or pills for healthcare, including medicine in lot of quantity- thinking that the more taken, the healthier you'll become. Stop! Any kind of pills potentially can cause 90% of sinus infected blood unstable (dangerously rocking). Only sinus patient get affected by this reaction. For more info please refer to: Click Here

  • Fact # 5: Sinus - This is what you should know about sinus:

    i. itchy around the face especially the nose
    ii. a sneezy or blocked nose
    iii. headache
    iv. A continuous dandruff even though there's variety kind of syampoo been taken.
    v. Watery plus itchy eyes.

    Also known as 'sinusitis'. Many of them have a different level; whether it's plain, serious or chronic. For children, it can cause a sellulitis infection and white eyes turning to red. Finally it can resulting in BLINDness. While for the adults, it can filled with pus within the sinus frontal. This pus later on will be the host for breeding activity for virus. One of them a virus that could lead to cancer. Sinus has it's own 'tunnel' stick underneathe the skin which are responsible for flowing germs infected blood that cause skin problems. Their activity includes to any part of the internbal organ. Their famous activity is: act like parasites making the skin structure to become thin, and when get wounded, can result into pus. (Wound that can easily spread to another part plus itchy.) Overall sinus symptoms includes headache, 'attracted' itchy, fallen hair, sneezy nose, smelly mouth, watery itchy eyes, fuzzy vision, blocked ears and nose, itchy all around the face, severe or stone acne, black spots appear on the face including white and blackheads, plenty of phlegm in the throat and bloody nose.

    Notes: quote from fact # 5 was taken from the reserve articles of dept. Ministry of Health.

  • Fact # 6:sinus infected gum Toothache - take a look at your gums. If its look almost in black colour, brown or rusty, you need to get alerted because it means your gums have serious germs infection activity and will leads to teeth wreck. It also will make the palate in your mouth dreadly itchy. Toothache and usually bleed are common symptoms if the germs has taken over. Teeth roots almost eroded and could easily get fallen. Salting the teeth or brushes occasionally is not a solutions. Again; Firnena's has a better way of Technics to hardly battle the germs. If you follow the steps correctly; a broken gums can turn into like it was before - light red (the normal color for healthy gums). No matter how chronic the toothache be, it will dissapear! Even; a broken and hardly damaged teeth will not feel the pain. Stucked + thin sharp broken root (the root that has been left because of broken tooth activity) will slowly come out because a truly healthy gum will have the strenght to 'kick out' any unwanted roots. Sound impossible but this is the truthtoothache cure based on experiences and knowledge through people who have been using this techniques consitently. 90% Smoker and Drug Addicts suffers from this sypmtom.

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