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sinus treatment and cure reviews
Written testimonial by Firnena's Clients

Case 1

"Apparently I'm doutbtful with what have been offered by Firnena. I'm actually getting standby to complained this e-book after I get it. Because I really furious with it! There's a lot of people who advertised about 'how can we get rid off this sinus maggots' and trully it's all just bluffing! A lot of poser who act just like a pro ones or like a doctor. Showed themselves as a good person with a nice and luxury clothes, smart and sometimes charming, just to catch customers eyes. So funny when there's a spell too. At the end of the road,there's nothing special! BUT I think twice when I buy and read Firnena's e-book. Don't know why...I really can't complained anything on this e-book,a perfect touch I guess. It's really a good e-book..."
Sarifah Sharifudin

Case 2

"Thank you Firnena, awesome!"
Ahmad Shahiran Zakaria

Case 3

"Thank you to Firnena for willing to share this secret. I'm really satisfied with all the info and the guide. The explanation was almost perfect."
Nor Kiena

Case 4

"Today, my dead skin are starting to fall down slowly which is: a good sign. Hopefully, after this my pimple will be reduced more and more. I will practice all the tips given as best as possible. tq."
Siti Aishah

Case 5

"FIRNENA.....I do believe in the technics that has been used. I have try one of the technic but I really don't know a better way and important of practising it. So I want to share a little of my experiences.... I do practising the using of Sinus Cigarettes. Because before this my skin face was smooth and don't have any kind of problem to face. after marriage and keeps taking a pill to avoid pregnancy,my face and body skin starting to change. Even when I was pregnant for the first time,my skin has change a lot!But firstly I think it because I was carrying a child, so I just sit and relax skin around the neck starting to get rough and not smooth anymore as usual. I feel my skin was so heavy and it's oily and starting to appear a sand pimple. This problems getting serious when I stop taking my pills after my second son reach 3 years old.A sand pimple was once appear with so many and it's turn to stone pimple!!. There's a ghost pimple too( this was just like a's have an eye and look yellow inside and it's hard.... so there's no way I can squeeze it)

One day.....a pus came out from my ears....when I was sleep.....inside my head there's like a water fill in it . So much pain around my cheek bones and brow bones. My ears was so itchy..... I've once being held at hospital ward for 3 days and my ears was cork with a fabric around 1/2 metres. After 3 days in 'hell'a doctor pull away that fabric and guess what,it 's full with pus around the fabric. When it's start to pain,my eyes just like want to go out from my skull. The pain always come from the right side. All around my right ear grew what we call a gray hair.

So many specialist I've meet.....eyes treatment specialist.... ENT expert..... I've lost so many bucks. When I think Malaysia does not have the speciality..... I went tto Bangkok,Thailand..... I have try a shaman advices too...... It's so sad when my son look at my marriage picturs "Mama.... Papa married with who?" from smooth to nag,that was I am.... Lastly I tried a Sinus Cigarettes.... but it was vacuuming style.........quite okay......some people from Kelantan made it. But it's so hard to get their stock,don't know why.....we have to wait for a long period.So the terayment was not so consistent. But so far the best one was technic BEKAM darah pastu tenyeh produk firnena kat parut bekam tu ngan kat jerawat skali. Masa bekamtu.....saya suruh bekam kat atas kening sbb slalu sakit kat situ. FUHHH!!! When the first dirty blood get out it was really a scary moment....there's a bubble in the blood just like when you served a can of Coke in the glass....And it produce a scary and eerie sounds too... When it full.....the dirty blood was frozen's black just like when you cut a fish and see what was the colour inside. Just like a jelly. Adala.... dalam 1/2 gelas bekam tu. And then I can feel my head come back to normal again and it's more lighter. Now it's only two weeks since I using Firnena's technic....I never went outside from my house....around my neck was a disaster's turn black.... I really can't stand the pain I feelm at my skin,just like being slice piece by piece. All around my nose wsa in a 'black area' too.So now it's geting better and better.....

But that just outside my body.... Now with this perfect e-book I bought in my pc,everything has change...I want to focus deeply in my internal health.... hope it will succed smoothly as my skin now.... for now THANK YOU FIRNENA "
Yours Faithfully, Abby Azaly Abrieyana Razaly

best sinus treatment

pills product for sinus patient Equip yourself with knowledge on how to prepare, defense and cure yourself from the danger of what Chronic Sinus can brought. It will start as a simple scratch and itchy, no nothing to worry, and somehow you suddenly realize that it is a threat and deadly. Do not let situation by all means; go that far. Learn more at: Treatment for skin problem at Firnenas Lab - Click Here.sinus infected blood are sensitive to pills

Case 6

sinus maggots been pull out of nose

# Confession of a good Client.

"When I'm using the cleaning of inside technic, suddenly I can't stop myself sneezing heavily and immediately spit the contents into my kitchen sink. To my horid surprise: I saw a dark covered in slime maggot, similar to that of catterpillar maggots - in size and shape: in the sink. Could it be a sinus maggots, I guess??? Should it be like that??? It really creeps me out. The maggot get thrown out of my nose. What a world can make that happens?! This technic was so kicking my life!"
mohamad azizul bin haron

Extended Section for Further Understanding

food that can cause sinus maggot or any other dirty germs relatedDon't let this be happen to YOU! This is the worst case scenario where the person involved doesn't really care about the 'cleanliness' of food and health.

Eating without any precautions of what are you eating might affect the internal and external part of the body. Bizarre menu such as frog, lizard, snake, tortoise, pork or pig, raw cooked meat or fish and any other that related to such unpleasant appetite, would lead a chance to unidentified parasites to start making nest inside the body. So, check first before 'swallowing' something that you wouldn't want to be nested and breeds inside your organism.

Further on: this web page is dedicated to those who wants an extra explanation about Firnena, acne, sinus or whatever that is related to the issue. Also, to help in making the right decision for self benefits.

1) First of all, I would like to state that 'ebook' means; digital book that is read via the computer, similar like reading a website or email. Only that - it is better organized, more pages and can be kept in your computer and doesn't need to be online to have it red. It is not a 'physical book', which can be obtain, posted to your resident or buy at bookstores.

Another thing different between ebooks and website, email, is that you need to have an Adobe Reader installed on your computer. 96% computers already have this program installed. So you should have no problem of whatsoever. If you don't have it, Firnena will guide you how to install this simple program in no time at all. And ALL of Firnena customer at this point, are successfully helped should they've encounter any difficulties viewing the content. Besides; we always prepare ourselves with plan B should anything goes wrong. This is to ensure that we and the customer (you) didn't panic. Rest assured that you will be able to access the ebook content nicely once payment have been made.

2) There are certain product involved to make Firnena's technique happens. Only a few and each one of them have been measured deeply about its effectiveness regarding sinus and acne treatments. The product are seriously, carefully selected so that your money are sure not to be laid to waste. Also; each product have been prepared with a link for you to order. It is just a matter of 'click' and pay - and the item arrived at your doorstep safely. No need to see or make appointments with anybody. Everything are simplified for you. And; you don't have to buy all the product at one shot. You may buy one per one. No need to be hasty.

1 for the outer treatment and;

1 for the inner side.

Plus, 1 additional product for outer and 1 for the inner, as follow-up(s) to complete the overall process. Although it sound like it is not necessary, but they do not deserve to be negelected easily; since its purpose is only one and focus: to help the skin eliminate acne and rebuild its structure as best as could. Furthermore; to ensure the sinus germs / maggots that cause acne be attacked to the fullest. It must be battled so that it will have no chance of whatsoever to reside within your body and do damages.

product and treatment for sinus germs

indication3) Some product (again; I don't want to name it), handle acne by forcing it to be 'pressed' inside. It's like; 'stay down, don't merge or I'll slash you!' - and that's what you'll have; some sort of cut and burn activity style of treatment. The method used concentrated fully towards the skin surface, neglecting the inside treatment. That's why when you stop using such products, your acne will rise again and again; probably even worse. Having said; that is because the breeding source which reside inside haven't been touched at all. The acne just been blocked - not to arise. Simply said: these kind of method are only for prevention. Not cure. To say it is an outside treatment, it would be a shame because it is too clumsy. It leads your acne to be explode due near times - and after that your skin will get damaged seriously, by the bacteria that burst out of the explosion. Other area of the skin will get infection.

Firnena's technic will make the acne and sinus germs arise when you were in early stages of using it. This is because Firnena's technic will 'swept away' those germs immediately. iIt also will destroy those germs quickly than any technic. So,if acne showed up suddenly in the early phase, there's no need to worry. It will then dissapear because the main nest of sinus maggots was destroy. Even if you stop using Firnena's technic, acne will not rise suddenly(and so many!). But...why you should stop practising something that can make your face look fresh and smooth always? You can stop using it if you want to. It's alright. But in that case, it means you missed those germs and maggots play in your face. Beware; those germs love to be invited and if it show up, SURELYit will accept it and work faster to rebuild their nest again. It's so dissapointed if you practise this technics just like that. When your face look healthy,fresh and smooth,suddenly you want those germs come back to haunt your face again. Why? (Don't suprise. Lot of customers keep asking this question!).

4) Practising Firnena's technique will not affect any of the internal organ: it is safe. All ingredients and method came from natural source which provide vitamins, mineral and freshness to your skin. There are no drugs or chemical involved. It is guaranteed from doing any harm. The more you spend time using it, the more you can bring to help skin reconstructing itself towards healthy from the inside to the outside. You need to be reminded that the best way to cure acne, pimples and blemishes; is to help skin produce healthy layers as much as possible. If you destroy acne but neglect the importance of skin needs, then you will never achieve the result you desire the most (natural healthy looking skin).

5) Firnena's Technique is not related with cupping treatment (bekam) or the need to visit any medical center. About cupping treatment in one of our client tetimonial, it was her own effort to get much better result. It's good since Bekam is a kind of treatment which manage to separate between bad (dirty) blood and healthy one. It was somekind of 'unique' technic that has been successfully practise by the local traditional healer and have been approved by the goverment (ministry of health). But it way MUCH BETTER if you learn and keep Firnena's Technique in mind. This is to make sure if after all the effort been done and still can't satisfy you; you can still smile and relax because you got Firnena's Technique covered.

About Firnena

Firnena's Health was form on the basis of sympathy for those who have a acne and sinus problem and suffer from it. Firnena has done a various way of survey about the method of treatment whether it was online or offline. On behalf of Firnena's side ,there's so many various of groan been heard from those who really dissapointed because many kind of treatment will cost them a very unthinkable charge or one word,EXPENSIVE, but it's never helps a lot and make themselves felt down. Experiences in hearing and viewing this dissapointing drama itself, had push Firnena to the limit in studying so deeply to create a better technics to help those who in need in this kind of situation. This is because Firnena was really understanding; every inch of human have a high hope on themselves to reach a 'gold future'. Some people found that the high hope was a big chance to make money in instant way. That was a big chance to make a big profit. But Firnena view it from the humanity aspect. Firnena cares and understand how sad it can be for whoever who still looking a better result for their misery.It's like, while this problem still not find it's solution, it's tough to face the world . And Firnena know; this was God's fate.Some people have been through it and some never really face it. For those who never face it,maybe they were up for another problems and maybe a really really big matters. Briefly; Firnena will try hardly and push it to the limits in submitting a better solution and technic that will help you going out from this misery forever.

All steps had been tested, tested for more than a decade and finding or choosing product had been made based on awareness on thinking; how can someone afford it(there's no thrash talk action!). If you have visit our Firnena's website, you will noticed from the old one's, this page was not exist. But now, there's some 'flavour adding'. This show that Firnena get a blessing pray from our beloved customers around the globe until we can afford to continued our journey to served those who in need. Thank you for our customers! Firnena always appreciate you who willing to be our clients. And we,Firnena, will always try harder to modified our quality services from time to time.

PS: If you still not get a copied of Firnena's E-book, get it now quickly. Whether it was for you or your loved one(which have this problem). Do you have a guts to let this sinus maggots rampantly everywhere without any kind of control from you, inside your body like what have been showed on the video previously? (hope not...)

ebook firnenas sinus acne cureGet Firnena's Health Technique e-book Now!