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Credit or Debit card can now be use safely using Paypal. You don't need a Paypal account to complete the transaction (if you don't have one). 100% reliable and secure since Paypal is the No.1 Payment Gateway on the Internet.

paypal for firnena

Order Method: International Market.

Yes. We accept International handling. The English version was specially created to ensure Your dealing with Firnena's achieve the following:

i. Secured. ii. Easy. iii. Guaranteed.

on a par (same level) to that of our Local dealings - which are proven, professional and trusted: rated by the community.

For that, we have choosen PayPal to ensure security, easiness and guarantee in terms of payment. USD $10.00 only; and you will be categorized in Firnena's list (of customers) to ensure you'll get all the assist required to make the Technique a success!

Firnena's Technique Acne and Sinus Solution: click the button below to immediately go through the secured process:

Order Method: Local Market / South-East Asia.

Bank-in USD $10.00 into the following accounts:bank that we acceptbank that we acceptbank that we acceptbank that we acceptbank that we accept

CIMB Bank acc. no: 860 187 3698

By the name of adrs Ent.

Make sure the payment is made first. And then fill out this form:

please fill-in your Name.

please fill-in your EmaiL.Format tak sah.

please fill-in the Title.

please fill-in which Bank. Maybank or CIMB?

please fill-in the time payment made.

please fill-in the date payment made.

MAKE SURE the email you sent us is valid because we will reply / send your order using this email. Give attention to 'email typo'; so that it is correctly typed.

  • In the field Order Title: make sure Firnenas Health is filled. Do not change or erase it. Leave it be. You only need to fill if it's empty (due to system problem or compability issue making it blank).
  • In the Bank - In field; state which bank the payment is made - Maybank or CIMB? Only through this two accounts can the payment be banked-in and it should not be filled with any other bank accounts that doesn't belong to Firnena.
  • Please make sure the Time and Date of payment are accurate. Payment that is to be made at later times, tomorrow (including the days onward) or notify after 2-3 days banked-in, considered cancel. Once the payment is made, notify Firnena as soon as possible (within that day). Hint to fill this part easily: on the bottom right corner of the screen, look at the time and date stated. Use that format to fill in the form. (Usually every computer have the time and date display there.)
  • Please check all the details to make sure everything's in correct order before hitting the 'Order' button. I'm sure it's easy as the blink of an eye. No problem right?

However, order only to be sent after the verification process of payment made. Usually takes 1 -2 days (working days or not, our operation still runs). Or, as soon as possible. Please be patient. Should it not arrived within the time stated, please forwarded us an email notifying.

  • In any circumstances, we GUARANTEE that your order will arrive safely, as long as you follow the steps given correctly. Thank you.

Have no doubt. Firnena's ready to assist!

arrowShould you have any question, you can easily tell and send by using the Firnena's Form - Click Here

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