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pimples slowly cured

Here are some example of hard looking acne that can be eliminated using my method.


= More severe than these also CAN be eliminated!

Note: shown here are approximately after one week and a half using Firnenas Technique. The skin also becomes healthier and brighter than before. A sign of germs been eliminated from within, thus giving the skin cell a chance to rebuild itself without disturbance.

* result may vary, depend on the individual conduct.

This could happen to you!

Beware! This eyes belongs to the owner who find it's delicious to rub the eyes over and over again because of feeling itchy. Unfortunately, that itchiness is caused by Sinus. And this what happens when the person get used to rubbing and rubbing and rubbing without any health concern and knowing what have caused it.


= The message is; don't over do when rubbing your eyes! It's one of the most fragile part the body could have.

The germ shown here is a close encounter view using microscophic technique. These kind of germ is usually related to the cause of sneezing. It then will breed its cocoon inside the body if there is no medical preventation taken. With this in mind, avoid yourself from being expose to dusted area (such as old carpet, curtain, pillow cover, etc.) Also, cat is a LARGE contribute to this kind of germ. Don't overdo when hugging, smelling and kissing your favourite beloved cat.


Message: Imagine germs like these be lingering and then breed inside your body. And the worst part is; you don't even know how to prevent it, stop it from getting further damaging your organ.

Did you know that sinus can cause heart attack? This is the fact that everyone must know. It happens to my father and I'm here to help you to avoid similar circumstances befallen you or your loved one. Here how it works; Heart have it's own defence mechanism (a health bacteria) that protects the heart from being intrude by any unwanted germs / bacteria. But sinus germs has it own tactic. It comes in a form of maggot that will look for a suitable place to make its nest and then breed its young. (Which is; almost anywhere. It doesn't matter where it is. As long as the place is inside your body). These newly breed nest, is something like you can see in the picture on the left section.

And after some time, the nest will be wide spread and the heart section is not excluded. And when it get there, it will combine with other bacteria whose before fails to penetrate the heart defense. With the help of the sinus germ, these not strong enough bacteria now succeeds. Your heart will exposed to an unimaginable disease consequences which then leads to stroke or heart attack. So, don't think sinus is only a matter of sneeze and itchy. Look further so that you can equip yourself with preparation to confront and distinguished it.

Together We Help

We at Firnena's would like to suggest for your sincere help to link this site to yours. The purpose is to help people who have similar problems. Certainly the health of the care and loved one is are at the top most priority. People need to be aware of how destructive this disease can be if to be taken lightly.

Thank you if decided to do so. You've been doing charity, and certainly there will be reward for you whenever you realize it or not.

= This is what the 'Karma' said. You get paid according to your deeds (good or bad).



Don't let your pretty, cute face suddenly be transformed to this!
= (Take a look at the nose area carefully. The surface has started to become rough and itchy.)

This is the act of neglect. Starting with an itchy nose, just a simple rub and rubbing will finish it off, nothing happens, and then this what turns out next! I strongly suggest to those who have this early symptom; itchy nose, eyes, better hurry to realize if it left untreated, will then lead you to an undesirable result. So that, equip yourself with knowledge on how to prevent such thing from happens. All you need is a knowledge to be on the right track. By then, you will know how to fight, prevent and cure acne / sinus problem for the all oncoming days. You have nothing to lose.

Firnenas technique is more like: 'Curing a criticial skin diseases' because; we prepare solid solution on how to eliminate any kind of germs that has infected the skin, no matter how stubborn it might be! Rest assured if continously doing it (without being distracted by any other method), you'll be suprised with the end result.

* result may vary, depend on the individual conduct.

Eliminate Acne by Focusing towards the internal Sinus.

...the only place that have dedicated entirely on how to destroy acne and sinus. Congratulations because at the end, you finally arrive at the right place and again, congrats; because from now on, your acne and sinus problem be SETTLED! For those who are serious only: please read every sentence CAREFULLY.

* result may vary, depend on the individual conduct.

Would you like a true treatment technique that certainly will produce result such as these (pic. shown)? If so, then you've come to the right place.

* result may vary, depend on the individual conduct.

...and I'm not talking about minor acne or pimples that can be washed away by some simple face wash, or some 'scrub' product that portray acne as somewhat of a joke. At here, how destructive your acne are, there's a way, and it certainly CAN be cured!

The most effective way into curing your acne, blemishes & sinus problems!

Yes. Absolutely. This is the correct place to be at,...and to end with. The place where you can cure your acne problem through proven and effective way. Instead of talking the whole day long about how does blemish arise, what cause pimples, which type of acne that related to scars, what is the specific name of the internal bacteria that cause it and bla, bla, bla...I'm gonna cut it short; we are going to straight away on how to destroy it!

First of all, it is important for you to know that severe acne problem is caused by a disease called 'Sinus' (or allergy). Take a look at the picture above. As you breath air, whenever you realize it or not, there might be some dirt get sucked along with. These dirt reside in the place as shown above. It will stay there until it will change into a form of disease and then get linked to every part of the face tissue (not to forget, the entire body). It then turn into a stinking live cell which is called: the Acne! (If you ask me, almost ALL disease took place like what I describe here). It will make its home there, accepting / breeding more and more bacteria / germs as time passes by. Since the face is the most fragile part of the skin, then most likely the acne will be visible and then get worst. So, it is also important that you know; you should eliminate this problem with the truest method ever!

For the record: There's NO such thing as curing severe acne in 5 or 6 days. Those words are meant to advertise or, for a not so heavyweight acne damages. I'm focusing on destroying the hardest one. So read carefully.

Sinus Infested Area

See that picture? That is how the sinus worms look like if it infested so long inside without any attempt to prevent it. Absolutely horrible and dangerous. (This picture resemble a man who like to eat food that can cause allergy and then pretend nothing happens. What the heck anyway? It just a matter of sneeze and itch. Why bother? And after so many years, continuously eat whatever he want without any health care, the results is what you've seen here. The maggot has made their nest perfectly inside. Similar to the fly breeds.)

  • There are some people who have sinus but doesn't have acne. But the truth is: acne and sinus always related to each other in almost all circumstances. Acne that is not caused by sinus, is categorized within the lightweight area. And we usually called (described) it by a simple name: 'Pimples' (which at ease can be eliminated by Firnena's Technique) .

For the record: I'm sorry to show you such an awful sight. But my intention is to let you know, how important it is for you to cure this disease straight away... For you to know what cause it in the first place. It is not from the outside that really matters, but the inside! And don't worry, I'm leading you to the right solution. So keep reading on.

resdung bersin selsema

Sinus, is well known to be one of the most difficult disease to remove. Probably you have tried everything and almost given up hope already. But don't be just yet because I'm about to lead you to the one of the most powerful way ever that could help you in curing it. You see, I myself have been through this dramatic situation and I'm here to help. In lifetime experience, the only perfect choice you will ever get is through the person that has experienced the situation themselves. There is no better way! If you're hoping for some doctor or person that sell product without even know and go through the miserable time themselves, then you're just giving away money without guarantees.

We don't want that, and that is WHY I build this site. I have done a lot of research before launching up. As many of those who have succeed in life, they always said: 'If you want to feel comfortable in life and have a great success up ahead, just be honest ' and let me add to that with my own phrase: 'because by being honest, you'll get original result, and the story will flow on and on until it meet its end. But if you lie, you still get result, but the story will not continue far and the ending will come up quickly and...it will not be nice.' Same goes to severe acne caused by sinus. If not guided properly, surely you could expect at worst end.


This is one of the incident that happens if the disease are to be taken lightly. This patient continously rubbing, scrubbing his itchy nose over and over again. Not to said that no medication has been taken to prevent it but all of it are the WRONG one! It doesn't help to fight the disease! Instead, worsen it! You don't want this to happens to you! Because of truly understanding on how miserable a person can be when suffering from such disease, I have come out with a method to help and battle it strongly. You should have thank god you found this site!

Not all people get affected by acne while at the same time they DO have sinus. These are the lucky type. Some have acne NOT because of sinus but because of their poor eating habit, including doesn't pay much attention to health care. In this situation, if there's an acne arise, probably it will disappear by using simple cleanser and acne product.

  • But this site, represent on eliminating the most stubborn acne of all. If you have lightweight acne problem, probably you will be smiling because soon after, your acne will surely be gone forever!


The Body System

Referring at the picture beside, we can see that the body internal actually is build of the same organ (the heart, liver, kidneys, brain and so on). What is NOT the same is: the method on how they've been taken care of. That is why we often see some look young / healthy and some look old / unhealthy at the same age. The internal organ need the same organic matter to ensure it's healthy function. Same goes to car. It will need petrol, oil to have it engine's powered correctly.
For that, I will introduce to you a HERBAL plus my SECRET TECHNIQUE that will be implement together thus; will create a powerful effect, represent all the body ever needs to function well and healthy. Specially formulated, this combined method will ensure that your acne and blemish be washed away! From the inside, and outside. So don't take this for granted.


Facts That You Should Know

Probably you might think: 'I've seen lot of products and they always promises the same thing'. I understand if somehow such sentence will cross your mind but let me make a CLEAR statement here: I have been through a LOT of products myself in a LOT of years! I wouldn't want to name the products that I have tried (just to make sure I keep myself out of trouble). And that has cost me almost everything. You name it: Money, time, get dumped by loved one, getting sick because of unsuitable product feedback towards my body, the disease become worse, missing uncountable job opportunities because of low self-esteem, get rejected in many interviews because they think I just couldn't do it with my blemishes appearance and a whole lot more...

For the record: Dont because of this negative thought, you'll miss the opportunity to relinquished all those acne and blemishes. It's a pity. Trust me that I understand and will assure you: This is the product and technique that will give powerful result. Plus, it is simple enough for you to use and finally will be able to give yourself a new hope in pursuing life, for whatever there is left. So don't let your life be wasted in the next outcome. Pity yourself, and the world will pity you...

What I'm about to offer is something so valuable that you couldn't just let it slip by. I'm talking about your future here. Truthfully; it is not the same going on through life with those acne and blemish. Even if you are so beautiful, those acne will surely destroy it.

Before that, I just want you to know that; these day, nothing come out for free. As a business person, I have learned that giving away something so valuable just like that, will drop the value of the item into something useless. If not so then, I will look like a fool, putting a huge effort that had been implemented for years and then simply give away all those to other people so that they can sell it for hundreds. I'm sorry because this is the fact of life. Even a simple merchant by the street can't coupe to give away their products just like that...(charity?...sitting a whole day long just to help someone that they don't even know? Would you?) But not to worry. Although the technique I'm about to expose cost dearly, but I'm not putting up a high price. $10? Is that sound decent enough? I will uncover all the technique you need to know in a proper, easy to understand layout so that you will have no problem of whatsoever. (Plus guided picture.)

  • This is the manual that you need to equip yourself for a lifetime knowledge! But if you think $10 is too expensive for the sake of your own goodness, then I suggest you stop reading right now - because you're not serious!

rare traditional ingredients

Note: I'm not going to ask you to find something that is out of reach and beyond knowledge. Such as traditional herbal, weird ingredients and itemary that probably you've never think and heard of. What I'm going to reveal are a simple step and some subject that you can easily get it, straight away. Though it's easy, you should understand: effective product doesn't need hardship!


firnena for treatment

Many treatment center charge you expensively, for sinus or acne treatment. This is to show that they have something that you don't. And as a desperate people wanted to cure the disease right away, you'll be lured into their offer (trap). But the thing is; you could treat it yourself. Using my technique and knowledge, you'll be far away compare to all those costly treatment which could only be performed each time you visit. Do it over and over again and nobody's going to charge you. And every time you perform the technique, you will get better and better result. If you occasionally go to treatment center, then suddenly you will know; from now on, those treatment center is only for fun. You only go there just to please yourself, just to get additional face massage (not treatment anymore).

All is in your hands as soon as this technique are in your possesion. You will know a shortcut to destroy acne and sinus whereas experts have no idea of whatsoever and what it's all about? And if they know, they will say to themselves; 'Why would I have not figure out such method (technique) before? If I do, a LOT of people could be helped easily.' But it is not their fault because of not knowing. And even if they do know it: I will always be ahead of them, because I hold the secret antidote that will put the technique into perfection! The Technique, and The Product. Both are with me. Ready for you. So, be sure here, to understand: you don't have to puzzle yourself looking for seperate answer, solution and waste time. By the way, professional to me means; very effective and at the same time; at best can ease the customer / patient.

warning And REMEMBER: I'm talking about acne and sinus. Not some mild and lightweight pimples. It is best to concentrate destroying the source while at the same time, applying the best treatment ever on the outside. Your skin will feel a little bit smarting but will not be damaged, although you apply the technique over and over again. Everytime you do it, it will be towards the next level CLEARING THOSE ACNE and improving your HEALTH. Safe. No doubt about it.


Treatment using Sinus Candle

sinus candle have certain type This item called 'Sinus Candle' are mainly used for one purpose only: to dispel sinus and acne. But; its use are not widespread because; its a bit hard to find. Even more, without proper guidance; you will have no idea of how to use it. In addition to that, how it is made are still a 'mystery' to many.

Undeniably, this sinus candle can help in preventing acne and sinus problem from becoming worse. Its smoke produce a hot steam that can make the cavity hole inside the face and nose area loosen up. The acne that had been hit by the smoke, burst (if it's severe enough) and then get dry up quickly, thus preventing further infection.

You might have heared: some says; the yellow color dust that covered the face during the treatment process, are the sinus germs, emerging to the surface. Let me explain this a bit; 50% of them are true and 50% aren't. The dust are the remains of the burning sinus candle, which is produced through the smoke. But if you care to look carefully, you will see a lot of tiny small fur came along. For clearer result, try taking a look at the neck portion. You can see there is identical tiny fur (but longer and visible) pop out. Whereas, there are no treatment performed at the area. The thing is; when the smoke hits the face (especially the nose), it has activate the sinus channel (all the way down to their mother inside the throat). The smoke has cause some hot steam that make the germs squall out to run for cover and then dies. The sinus candle smoke are strong enough to penetrate deep down inside. And its smoke and steam, heat up the skin with a safe, burning sensation that can heal up the skin structure. Your face will become healthier, younger looking since the blood there is 'boiled'.

The picture beside is an example showing you how the Sinus Candle Treatment looks like. Although the treatment is one of the most effective way to repair skin damage; but as I said before, it is a bit hard to find. Plus; any health center that offer such treatment, are going to cost you high. The cheapest are between $30 - $40 each time the treatment performed! I have even stumble upon one that charge for a whooping $60! - one time per treatment with no more than 5 Sinus Candle used. But you should also know these: good quality Sinus Candle are NOT easy to produce and it's hard to find. So, in parallel to that; we can't point fingers fully blame the party that charge expensively. It's better to find an alterntives.


Good news for you because inside my manual, there is an alternative. But almost (certainly) not needed, because within the technique itself - nested some few more, break apart into smaller category described as 'method'. One to be a treatment penetrating deep beneath the facial layer, without risk doing damage (to the face). The purpose of penetrating the layer is to make the 'cleansing method' perform its duty - eliminate germs hosting there (underneath). Info: beneath problematic skin, reside germs usually the main reason 'popping out' (as) acne. Even more, could extend into damaging the cell structure, which vital for creating new layers needed by the skin. In short, this cleansing method execute a unique 'cut and burn' effect to safeguard the skin structure. An external treatment (for skin care), with effect and purpose - similar to that of using Sinus Candle.


get rid of acne Wait! Although I'm discussing almost all there is about Sinus Candle, but don't get me wrong. It got nothing to do with the technique we've discussed here. It is just an extra's to explain about similarity and comparison. To show that I've been through a lot. So you know; I know what I'm talking about.

My about to be expose technique will teach those germs a lesson; they're about to be hit by some sort of acid that will wobbled their tough nest. The technique that will cleanse away their existence...bit by bit. And if you have serious acne problem, those too, will be cleanse away once and for all!

Let me explain here: I'm going to give you a special knowledge on how to attack those sinus germs that resides in your throat area. Almost all the time when you sneeze, you will feel some sort of sharp pain occurred in the throat, make you want to sneeze more and more. In addition to that, your nose get deadly itchy makes you sometime want to tear it off apart. Try to lick the upper part of your palate area (lelangit). If you feel the itchiness is horrendous, then your sinus is at a critical level. It MUST be battled or things will get worse.

It happens to be I have the right solution to dispel the symptom. My technique is like some sort of pouring an acid to those infected area, scrapping the bacteria off its hanging place. You will be surprised after this, when you sneeze, your throat will not be painful anymore, and if you lick your palate, you will feel as though the itchiness gone bit by bit. Your watery, itchy eyes, will certainly be cured. Believe it or not, this is what I'm about to reveal. This might be the solution of truth that you've been seeking, for all these years.

severe skin disease

* result may vary, depend on the individual conduct.

Severe skin disease like these are no exception from Firnena's healing technique. With our proper, easy to implement method, you too can achieve result as shown above. Please, just follow our step by step guidelines. There is no problem at all.

To be more exact, we'll go again about what we've gone through so far; discussed. If you:

  • feel itchy in the eyes and seldom rub it over and over again

  • Allergic to certain kind of food

  • Feeling itchy in the palate area especially in between the teeth

  • Seldom sneeze leading to an uncontrollable situation

  • Your nose stem is deadly itchy as though 'something' has made its nest there, tightly

  • Either one of the nose breathing hole always get blocked

  • Feeling grieve and sharp pain in the throat when sneeze

  • The inside area of your ears feel itchy and sometimes get blocked

  • Stubborn acne pops out leaving horrendous, ugly scars that destroy appearance

Then good news for you because it happens to be that I have the exact solution needed to relinquish all of those in the ebook entitled: 'Firnena - Technique to Destroy Acne and Sinus' including blemish, blackheads, scars and skin eczema (of course!). All the technique you'll ever need for only one time payment at a fair price of $10.00.

Before that, ask yourself: Is that $10 is too much for you in exchange for something that can make your acne, sinus, scars and blemish problem be treated and solved? Is that $10 is too expensive to be invest on something that can make your life better? Improved? Even so, towards your happiness(?)

The technique I'm about to give is something that had been proved for years. Something that will be implemented for a whole lifetime use. At a point you'll reach a part that you will never turn back. After this, no matter where you are, you will never have to worried about those troublesome acne, pimples, sinus anymore. Regardless of healthy or not the environment you are in at the time, you'll always have the method to dispel those disease, whenever it strikes. This technique CAN be put to use anytime, anywhere. It is so simple that after this technique applied, it's gonna be a new you, better life, better achievement.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't let doubt stop you and get Firnena - Technique to Destroy Acne and Sinus today!

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